Monday, March 22, 2010

Our barn, made of recycled shipping pallets

Our alpaca herd grew, and we knew that we needed more of a real barn and not just a shack!
Again I got to researching... Finances where low, and winter was well on it's way being already September...
Money and time where an issue!
With the help of a great handy man, who helped us build the floor, and the supporting structure, we got the base down, and the frame up within 2 days! That was the hardest and the most expensive! The rest, the wood covering the structure, is made up of recycled shipping pallets, that I found on a local Quebec classified advertisement site. I was stunned! The whole lot cost 700$ !
This amount of new wood, I was quoted by the local lumber shop, would have cost approximately 5,000$ !!!

YES !!!
This was the kind of savings I was looking for !

My husband ended up working, mostly alone, on this barn the whole month of October... Every free moment was spend, drilling and nailing... The roof was put up within 2 days with the help of one single friend! (Thanks ML) ... The snow arrived 16 hours later... FFFFEWWWW , right on time...

During the month of November, while the snow fell outside, my hubby finished
diligently his project with feeding units and a "hay stand" ...

The alpacas, ever so happy, could come in from the snow ...

The whole thing measures 12 x 36 foot, and has a little chicken coop included...
Using new materials would have cost us at least 6 times the price we ended up paying! And I find the end result, has a much more "country charming style" to it .

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