Saturday, March 20, 2010

Before you, are 2 growing heads of lettuce

The lettuce on the left was bought for 69 cents more and was labeled as being "organic".
The lettuce on the right was just 1.99$ and was just labeled lettuce... Just regular plain lettuce, hum? Really? (It's gotten to the point where we call that regular!)

The fact is, the organic lettuce is growing back and is bushy, and will be crispy and crunchy.
The "plain regular",possibly genetically modified, for sure sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, lettuce is not really growing. As if it lacks something!  You can also notice how the bottom is rotting where as on the organic lettuce the bottom is actually rejuvenating!

Hmm... interesting.

Seen in this perspective, I'm quite satisfied with my mini investment, because for a mere 69 cents more, I'm not getting extra pesticides or extra chemical fertilizers... No... I'm getting a REAL head of lettuce, one mother nature created filled with earthly nutrients, and one that can grow back as many times as I nourish it! What a hand in hand collaboration between man and nature.


  1. You are great!!! Thanks for that.

  2. That is a really fun experiement. I'm a total believer in organics, but how can anyone argue with evicence like that. Thanks for sharing.