Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our angora rabbits

When I first bought our 2 angora bunnies, I thought no way will they live in tiny 2'x2' cages!
So we added onto the barn! Nothing to complicated... Just cut a door through the wall, closed off a small interior part of the barn, added a fence outside, and we used the old siding of our above ground pool as the roof!
Everything I read about raising bunnies mentioned cages, so I went with my instincts on this one...

Yes bunnies are territorial, if they have a tiny territory!

At first my 2 bunnies, having always lived in cages, growled at each other.

Yet having a 9 x 8 foot exterior playing ground, and another 4x 12 foot interior "living quarters", seemed to give them enough space not to care about the others territory.
Within a few days, they seemed at peace with each other and their new home.

The only real important factor is to keep the males separate from the females.

Now with a total of 11 bunnies, we've separated the space in half and the boys are to the left and the girls to the right!

My bunnies are for angora fibers, so I will not be breeding anymore. I have enough for what I need!

In the meantime, they get to live a happy, comfortable life, within a social group and room to roam.

Not a lonely rabbit's lifestyle...

Here's a little video, of our doe feeding her kits.

They only feed for about 2 minutes every 24 hours!
In this video you see the last 52 seconds...