Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY ... Fiber tumbler

After countless hours cleaning our fibers for proper preparation ready for carding, I thought ... THIS IS INSANE!
At the rate it was moving along I have enough fibers for a life time !
Something had to change... So I started researching again, this is in fact my favorite thing to do. I came across "fiber tumblers" ... Hummm... The cheapest I found was 950$ plus taxes and shipping...

Ya well, that's out of the question.

I showed all these "tumblers" to Pierre, and with a smiling face kept repeating "YOU CAN MAKE THIS, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT". After 3 weeks of drawing up "patterns" to follow,
I said: "ok ... This is taking too long, I'm going to the hardware store and making it myself!"

Yes that's the kind of person I am, and I know I'd accomplish it... But the thought of ME being in charge of this project and than getting HIM to help me was enough for him to run to the door! LOL... His own instructions in hand, he left ...

The hole project only took the week-end, our son helped too, and had a blast being the "tool man" and having extra pieces of wood to create something of his own! Some "thing a ma jig" that will eventually have to be stored somewhere, and forgotten ;)

By Monday night I'd made 8 rovings (which took an eternity before), Tuesday another 10 and now I can actually envision having enough rovings to finally get my felting classes going...

And the whole thing cost? 96$ !!!

Ok no motor on it ... Yet ... right now it's still fun for the little guy to make the "BIG WHEEL TURN" !!!

Now we're one step away of a mini fiber mill, and a big huge smile of satisfaction on both our faces ...


  1. any chance your husband would be willing to share his instructions so that I can get my husband to make me one and save me an eternity of picking vm out of my fiber?

  2. I found you posting a couple days ago. I love your tumbler... I have wanted one for the last few years. I asked My DH to make me one. Would you & your DH be willing to share your tumbler plans & insturctions to build one? It would be much appreciated.

    Jude Pilote

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  4. can I get instructions to make the tumbler.
    Sue Munro

  5. can i purchase the instructions for the tumbler?