Friday, August 6, 2010

Apple puree...Saturday project

Here's my apple tree.
The trees on our property can keep us quite busy and well nourished too!
I don't know what kind it is, because it was here when we moved in. However it was already a few years old and had never given apples yet! Now, 5 years later, and nicely fed with alpaca and rabbit "fertilizers" it is fully flourishing to our hearts content! And we have 3 more like this on the way for next year.

During the season, lots of apples fall off the tree during different storms, and every so often we pick them all up, to fill a 5 gallon bucket.

These are perfect apples for none other than Apple Puree.
I make huge batches at once, and freeze up to 3/4 of it for winter months.
Apple puree happens to be the first and most important ingredient to my all time favorite "Homemade fruit gelee" !
That's my all natural (no refined or artificial sugars added) soft candy, made in collaboration with none other than Mother Nature herself ;)

Stay tuned for "how to make Homemade, All Natural, Fruit Gelee" ...

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