Friday, July 2, 2010

Raspberry Frenzy!

Three years ago, my mother and I planted 6 raspberry bushes. Last year, barely making a full basket at any given time, I thought to myself "next year should be good".
I then proceeded in fertilizing with our alpaca compost...

I never expected this!

Yesterday we picked enough to fill 2 x 1 litre baskets!

Today I picked enough to fill this little basket, but I only used 1/2 a plant! I have another 11 baskets like this to fill , just today !!!

I can already see the next little green blossoms on their way! Supposedly I should be expecting a second flourishing season in the fall !!!

I love raspberries! They are my favorite fruit, now I've got to get to work, and transform this into yummy treats!

And I thought I could take it easy today ! Ha!

Raspberry jam, raspberry soft candy, and of course frozen berries for winter months... Here I come!

Then of course there are the amazing properties of raspberry leaves...

Raspberry Leaf Tea can be made by the infusion of 1 ounce of the dried leaves in a pint of boiling water. Often taken cold, the tea can give immediate relief to mouth and stomach problems.

Also an astringent and very rich in VitaminC.


  1. wow- that is a good harvest-
    They look good-

    I have a pair of Alpaca wool socks my mom made me- I did some research on them when she sent them to me- So interesting-
    So nice to meet you-

  2. Nice to meet you too :)
    Alpacas are quite interesting indeed... After 4 years now I never get tired of watching them!
    If you'd like you can see more pictures on my facebook page here