Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A tip from Nature

Alright, I've been a little absent here.
A little too much in manual production and craft show preparations.

So to liven this blog up a little I will be adding a weekly "Nature tip".

This will be about something and anything (cooking, organic gardening, animal care, beauty...)

Here's my "Natural beauty tip" of the moment:

Living without Shampoo!

What? You say? You like all those chemicals going through your scalp pores! Right into your blood stream!
Oh than, please ... don't even read on!

First take about a half tablespoon of baking soda and mix in your hand with water, until it makes a thick paste.
Wet your hair, and work it into your scalp. Let stand 1 minute than rinse.

Next you can either squeeze lemon juice over your head and work into the tips of your hair or apple cider vinegar. Lemon smells better , however the smell of apple cider vinegar will vanish once your hair has fully dried. Let stand 1 minute, then rinse! You don't need more than a table spoon here either

Voila! You will save bundles of cash! And your hair and scalp will thank you.

It will take you a few washes to start seeing the difference, your body chemistry and oil glands will adjust to these non invasive products. After 1 or 2 weeks, your hair will for ever be soft and RADIANT !

And a little bonus...
It will bring out those natural highlights... YOU NEVER KNEW YOU HAD!!!


  1. Ahhh! But what does it all do for the hair color - that's hiding all the gray? LOL

  2. Lol ! I didn't think about that ! I haven't dyed my hair in 15 years!
    However now I'm curious, and tempted to find someone (with dyed hair) to try it out too...